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Brand Introduction

Marugame Seimen

Marugame Seimen is undeniably one of the most highly lauded Japanese brand that specializes in Udon. The adored Sanuki Udon originates from Kagawa Prefecture of Japan and is world famous for its smooth and chewy texture, representative of premium Japanese style Udon noodles.

In November 2000, Marugame Seimen opened its first exclusive shop for Sanuki Udon noodles in Kakogawa, Japan.
With its authentic Udon taste and intimate and comfortable dining experience, it has been well-loved by consumers and established good reputation in this industry. Taking this opportunity,Marugame Seimen rapidly expanded worldwide and its restaurants could be found in Southeast Asia, Russia, Australia and many other countries.

To date, Marugame Seimen has become a world leading Udon noodle hallmark.