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Brand Background

Marugame Seimen In Japan, Udon, Ramen and Soba are referred to the three “National Noodles”.
As legend has it, a prestigious monk called Kong Hai discovered Udon when travelling in China during the Tang Dynasty and brought it back to Sanuki region (a city in Kagawa, Japan).
As Udon is made from wheat powder,its introduction saved the poor residents in Sanuki region who were suffering from food shortage, and a “Noodle Era” in Japan begun.With a heart filled with gratitude, the local Japanese painstakingly continued to refine and improved the Udon.Not only did they cultivated wheat exclusively for the production of Udon, but also created a high-standard production system, deriving a unique distinctive “Udon culture”. Thus, Sanuki Udon has successfully established itself as a superior representative of Japanese Udon.

Takaya Awata The founder Mr. Takaya Awata’s father was born in Marugame of Kagawa Prefecture, Japan, where local people consume Sanuki Udon as their staple food and where Sanuki Udon is famed for its refreshing and elastic texture.
Based on the flavor and taste of his father’s Udon , Mr.
Takaya Awata established Marugame Seimen with a sense of gratitude and love.