TORIDOLL Heyi Group Co.

Brand Story

Inheritor of Udon Culture Marugame Seimen’s Udon embodies a long history which can be traced back about 1200 years, with a strong emphasis on the ingenuity in every step of Udon making. In the selection of ingredients, Marugame Seimen uses only quality wheat that is especially suited for Udon, and elaborately chooses delicious imported beef and tempura powder that makes tempura crispier, to go with their Udon for better taste.

Marugame Seimen insists on the ancient techniques passed down, with a long process of double fermentation, double kneading and 4 hours of waiting, just to achieve the raw material of desired quality. To preserve the pure taste and quality of Udon, Marugame Seimen adjusts the ratio of raw materials, according to different seasons and humidity, such that every Udon you enjoy is full of Marugame Seimen’s dedication of upholding the traditional methodology.

Till date, Marugame Seimen, with its highly popular Udon, has successfully made its way into the heart and souls of many consumers. With this, it takes the Udon pride and culture that has grown over the years and sails across seas to Singapore, to bring a bowl of authentic Udon noodles to the greater mass.